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We export eco-friendly coffins to various European countries and across Europe.

 We understand that European countries need environmentally friendly crates, and we have many suppliers to distributors in various countries to help businesses in those locations.

The environmentally friendly crates we make specifically for distributors are crafted by reliable artisans in Indonesia. We carefully select high-quality raw materials before starting production to ensure excellent quality.

Seagrassworld has helped many distributors in various European countries. We are familiar with the standard sizes and shapes often ordered. However, if distributors wish to customize sizes or patterns for a unique impression, we can assist with that as well. We aim to support your business with top-quality products.

Seascape Scatter Shells.

Scatter tube shells for cremation dust produce beautiful colors and results, leaving a unique impression. They are made from environmentally friendly materials. Scatter tube shells

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Seagrass Eco-friendly Coffin

Europe Europe Europe Europe Europe Europe Europe Seagrass Eco-friendly Coffin Seagrass Seagrass Coffins: Indonesia’s Eco-Friendly Solution In Indonesia, there’s a special kind of coffin made

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